This is the technology column, also featured in the February Title III Newsletter

Two of my favorite technology tools are and Each have robust features that support ELs. I’d like to share about the Article-A-Day and Book of Knowledge project on and the EL lessons on – The Article-A-Day program is designed to build K-8 students’ background knowledge. It meets students wherever they are at, and provides scaffolds for ELs. The routine includes four steps: 1) Set the purpose  2) Students read independently  3) Students write or draw 2 or 3 things they learned and  4) Class shares knowledge. Read more details about the routine at this link:

See this link for how to set up EL Scaffolding for Article-A-Day:

And this link (scroll to the blue buttons) provides some printouts you can download for either a writing-based or drawing-based Book of Knowledge: – Try the sample lessons that Nearpod EL has shared! They provide comprehensible input through VR and 3D visuals, encourage cooperative learning through interactive lessons, and continuous feedback and monitoring so you know where students are at. Click on the orange button after you scroll down the page, or here is the direct link for the sample lessons:

I am particularly excited about the newcomer lessons like this one:


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