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Grammar Gallery Level 1 Oral Language Lesson

Grammar Gallery ORAL/INTRODUCE sample lesson. Level 1, Topic – Animals, Grammatical Structure – Conjunctions, Language Function – Explain. Many of you asked to see some one teach a Grammar Gallery lesson. Enjoy!

Grammar Gallery Reinforce Reading Level 1

Here is our second Grammar Gallery Lesson video. As you now, the Main Matrix has three lessons: Introduce, Reinforce, and Expand (oral, reading, writing). This is the second of the Lev 1 Animals, Conjunction, Explain series of lessons. Thank you to our Kinder-Grade 2 friends!

Migrant Literacy Net

Separating Difference from Disability

Migrant Identification and Recruitment

Technology Tools

A brief overview of some of my favorite EL supported technology tools for the classroom and ELD lessons. Please contact if you’d like me to make a more specific instructional video for any one of these tools.

Grammar Gallery IDIOM ROOM Video Tutorial

This link will give an 8 minute overview video of the resource within Grammar Gallery called IDIOM ROOM. Idioms are very difficult for English Learners and these short and sweet lessons are a lot of fun! Enjoy!

Grammar Gallery Main Matrix

Watch this short video to get introduced to the Main Matrix of the Grammar Gallery site. This is only one of the many resources in the site, but its a great place to start. Contact or any of our Title III Consortium Staff if you have questions.